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  1. Ghost Batty
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Words and Music By Rick Quarles
Copyright 2009 Rick Quarles
Oh__ Yeah__
I was out for a walk__ late one night__
When I stumbled across a cave__ well hidden from sight___
I peaked inside__ using my pocket flashlight__
I heard some fluttering noises__ that kind of gave me a fright__

Yea__ it was kind of spooky__ But I felt a little kooky__
But when I went in that cave__ I found I wasn’t so brave__

I got a little__ scared_ man

Then a big storm came__ so I stayed in that space__
As I walked in further__ It looked like a pretty big place__
There was no sign of life there__ not even a trace__
Then I heard a weird sound__ and something flew by my face__

I crept inside a little more__ toward a pale light that glowed__
I thought the better I could see__ the more I would know__
I came to another cavern__ no further could I go__
Because in that room__ was one strange-looking show__

There were hundreds of bats__ flying and dancing around__
Making strange noises__ that had musical sounds__
Some were looping in the air __ like a merry-go-round__
Others doing a funky dance _ right there on the ground__

I got __ ghost batty___
It was all so spooky_ I couldn’t move__
There was this bunch of strange-looking bats___
All dancing in a groove__

Yea__ look at them__

Now the rocks there were lit __ with a dim and colorful shine __
That made their shadows dance, too_ in perfect time_
They were moon-walking__ and break dancing_ it looked so fine_
Others were doing a weird looking bat chorus line__

It was a great show__ that only I could see_ as far as I know_
It was all for free__ I quietly hid and watched _ where they couldn’t see me_

It was___ awesome, man__

Ghost bats were flying all over the place__
In perfect rhythm and time_ of percussion and bass__
How they performed flawlessly_ whatever the case_
I guess it was a really kind of bat_ cave showplace__

Now ghost bats live__ in colonies in old mines, tunnels, and caves underground__
From Australia to Latin America__ rainforests to dry deserts they’re found___
The northern and southern species__ fly above the ground at night__
Using echolocation__ they devour insects, frogs, lizards, and birds with a powerful bite_

Bats are the only flying mammals_ unless there’s some we haven’t seen__
They make look and act kind of creepy __ but to us they’re not really mean__
They mostly mind their own business_ so just leave them all alone__
And let them hunt and dance at night__ when the darkness is their own__

I got __ ghost batty___
I’ll never forget_ that strange looking scene__
All those bats going a little crazy__
On that ghostly night of Halloween_____

As long as those carnivorous aren’t larger than me__ I’d like again to see__
That Ghost Bat dance they loved to do __ on their Halloween Night debut__

Get down now___

Oh__ Yeah__

Ghost Batty