About Us

- taught science and social studies for 18 years in middle school
- performed all kinds of music in various bands for many years

Science On The Wild Side CDs
Educational and humorous songs about nature, science, geography, and history featuring a wide variety of musical styles. A fun way to learn about nature, animals, and all kinds of scientific and social studies concepts. You can even dance to them. Teachers use them in their classrooms for instruction and reinforcement.

Music To Swear By CDs
What would you get if you crossed Jimmy Buffett, Ray Stevens, Alan Jackson, and Willie Nelson? Maybe a weird mess – or maybe you’d get Rick Quarles who has a weird sense of humor, and some of each of their talents (okay, only a little). In his CDs “Music To Swear By” and "Music To Swear By - A Second Dose, Rick has written and recorded original songs about problems that most of us have experienced (usually several times a day) such as: Stress, Frustration, Duress, Time Management, Traffic Jams, Temporary Memory Loss, Noisy Gadgets, Bad Behavior, Clutter Problems, Strong Urge To Go To The Beach,  plus other emotions and challenges that we deal with constantly. Some songs may make you laugh or smile, some may make you cry, some may make you mad, some may relax you, and some may make you swear (there’s no profanity in the CD so you’ll have to furnish your own). They might even make you want to dance. Hopefully, a dose of this CD will make you think before you do something foolish or just distract you enough that you forget about your problems for at least a few precious minutes. If you’re still stressed, frustrated, or angry after listening to the music, take it out on the CD and break it up. Then, go order a new one. They’re just like life’s little problems; they can keep coming at you.

Got a friend, coworker, boss, or relative who is emotionally unbalanced or their spirits just need uplifting. This is the ‘gift that keeps on giving’!

Also, besides here, you can purchase my songs and CDs at iTunes and Rhapsody (search Rick Quarles), Amazon, and Napster, and cdbaby.com