Copyright 2010 Richard Quarles
I’ve packed my things__ that I’ll take with me__
Said my goodbyes__ to everyone I could see__
I won’t be back__ when Monday comes__
To work on things__ I’ve not yet done__
I’m outta’ here __ man_______

After many years of working__ my time’s finally come to leave__
No more job related stress__ it’s hard for me to believe__
I’ll really miss my co-workers__ but can’t hold back my excitement__
Though it’s been a blast__ now at last__ life begins again at retirement___

I’m ready_____ ready to go__________
I’m leavin’ now_____ that ole’ status quo__________
Re_tirement___ it’s what I’ve been working toward__
Re_tirement___ mine’s here from this day forward__
It’s a gift that’s heaven sent___ my time’s my own_ to be well-spent___
Yea_ retirement is my reward__ I can do what I want_ or just be bored__

Through all my years__ I’ve shed some tears__ But also had some fun__
Got no regrets__ I accomplished much__ when it’s all said and done__
All that time that I put in__ some paid for, some for free__
If I had a chance to do it all again___ I’d have to say_ not me___

I’m ready, yea_______ ready to go__________
I’m leavin’ now_____ that’s all I know__________

I won’t be worrying about a formal plan__ Just make it up as I go___
I’ll live everyday the best I can__Cause now I’m in_ complete control_

Some think it’s boring__ not to work__ to keep busy everyday__
But I say bring it on__ I’ll do my best__ to try to rest and play____
While others head__ for a job_ that’s full of complaints and demands__
I’ll be at home__ or a place I choose__ One of the happiest people_ in this land_

I’m ready yea_____ ready to go__________
I’m leavin’ this place__ and I ain’t movin’ slow_
I’m feeling good__ like I knew I would__
Maybe a little sad__ but it’s not that bad__
I’m ready___
I’m gone___