Words And Music By Rick Quarles<br />
Copyright 2005 Rick Quarles<br />
Let me tell you &lsquo;bout a legend _____ you can believe it or not________<br />
It&rsquo;s been happening for years _____ and it ain&rsquo;t gonna stop_________<br />
There&rsquo;s a cave under here_______ with some tunnels on down_______<br />
And a creature at night _________ that does some runnin' around______<br />
You know you&rsquo;ll never gonna see it __________ don&rsquo;t bother to look______<br />
It&rsquo;s gonna take what it can ________ like a furry crook_______<br />
It gets into boxes__ and sacks ___ and jars_______<br />
But it&rsquo;s partial to donuts _____ and loves snickers bars ___________<br />
<br />
Now I&rsquo;ll tell you this story ________ cause I been here a while __________<br />
And I wouldn&rsquo;t lie to you _________ cause it&rsquo;s not my style ________<br />
But in my little cave ________ there&rsquo;s some strange going ons ________<br />
And I swear in the mornings ______ I can hear a low groan ________<br />
It could be the AC _____ makes a noise like it shook _______<br />
Or echoes of some students _______ trying to read the handbook________<br />
But whatever it is __________ it&rsquo;s sure hard to find_________<br />
And I don&rsquo;t want to be around ______ when it&rsquo;s _ dinner time _____________ <br />
<br />
CHORUS<br />
I&rsquo;ve got the cave critter jitters_________ Don&rsquo;t leave me alone ________<br />
I see the shadows kinda&rsquo; skitter______ Please let me go on home _________ <br />
I don&rsquo;t want to be here _______ when the lights go out ___________<br />
Cause it gets real scary ______ there ain&rsquo;t no doubt _______<br />
<br />
BRIDGE<br />
I think I saw it over there _______ <br />
Yea_you better beware______<br />
It seems kinda shy_____<br />
I just hope it can&rsquo;t fly_________<br />
<br />
Now if you&rsquo;re at Chapel Hill _____ really late one night__________<br />
You might hear something moving ______ but stays out of sight_________<br />
That&rsquo;s the critter on the loose _______ and in the school it scurries _________<br />
And getting the paperwork done ______ might be the least of your worries_______<br />
Just pack it up quick _______ don&rsquo;t even stop on the way _______<br />
Anything that ain&rsquo;t done ______ do it another day ________<br />
Better let the critter be _____ you don&rsquo;t wanna know ___________<br />
Maybe leave it a snack _______ and then just go _______________<br />
<br />
CHORUS<br />
<br />
BRIDGE<br />
Did you hear that?________<br />
We&rsquo;d better scat_________<br />
Don&rsquo;t wanna see its face ____________<br />
Just get me out of this place __________<br />
<br />
I got the cave critter jitters ____don&rsquo;t wanna stay too long ___ Got the cave critter jitters_ So I wrote this song___ Got the cave critter jitters _ Sure, I&rsquo;m a scaredy-cat ________ Got the cave critter jitters____ I&rsquo;d don&rsquo;t know where it&rsquo;s at ____________ Got the cave critter jitters______ As long as this music&rsquo;s going, it won&rsquo;t come out_____ Uh, Oh<br />