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Now__ I’m a roadrunner _ man__
Just a rockin’ on down the road__
Yea__ I’m a roadrunner__ that’s right__
Movin’ fast_ Won’t carry no heavy load__
Searching the desert for a lizard or snake__
I’m so hungry__ I’m starting to shake__
I’m just a rockin’ roadrunner baby__ That’s what I am

Yea_ I’m a roadrunner__ man
Some people call me a ground cuckoo__
Yea__ I’m a roadrunner__ that’s me__
Call me what you want_ But I’m great at what I do__
I may be a little crazy__ cause I’d rather run than fly__
When I’m speeding down that road__ you’d best just wave goodbye__
Cause I’m a rockin’ roadrunner__ And I can really jam__
I’m gonna take a break now__ man

Let’s just coast some now___

Yea_ I’m a roadrunner__ man
I’ve got a large, slender body_ long legs and real strong feet__
Yea_ I’m a road runner__ man
Just a cruisin’ for my favorite animal and insect treats__
At speeds of up to 20 miles per hour_
Kickin’ into overdrive with my maximum bird power__
I’m a rockin’ roadrunner baby__ I can really scoot___

I use my tail as a rudder__ and to maneuver some too__
My broad wings help me balance__ and act as a brake when I’m through__
My crown of feathers helps me show__ the hunting mood that I’m in__
And my long strong bill __ really makes my prey’s struggles end__
You can find me in Mexico__ and the southwest USA__
I slow down at night__ to save my energy for the day__
When the desert sun beats down__ and it just becomes too hot__
I stop running for a while__ to find a nice shady spot__
Cause I’m a Rockin’ Roadrunner__
Just a runnin’ and rockin’ all over my desert home______ that’s where I roam__

Are we having fun_ yet?__
Alright_ let’s give it a rest__
I’m a little tired right now__

See ya’ll down the road, Jack___________